Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Photos from this last week...

"Shalom chaver" or "Goodbye Friend." From the Yitzak Rabin Memorial. This is part of a wall of graffiti that is part of the memorial. This phrase was spoken by President Bill Clinton, saying good bye after Rabin's assassination. This phrase is found on many bumper stickers, as well as other variations of it.

Sign outside McDonalds in Tel Aviv. "Vegetable Salad [Israeli salad] finely chopped with olive oil and lemon." I find it so great and funny that McDonalds serves Israeli salad, and that it's noted it's "finely chopped." McDonalds was always good at adjusting its menu to the local population's taste.

Absurd Israeli t-shirts, with English text, that everyone wears. They're sort of funny, but at the same time--what?!

Oded and me right after I got my cellphone that has a great camera in it, which I have used to take all these pictures!

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