Saturday, May 10, 2008

Goat Cheese. Give me more!

I know I said my next posting would be on Bethlehem, but I'm too inspired by something else--goat cheese! (this picture isn't mine...but gives the cheese's accurate texture and sensation).
Goat cheese, the 23% fat type, is AMAZING. I had eaten goat cheese before living in Israel, but my roommate turned me on to this certain brand that is so good. It's sort of like cream cheese in its consistency, a little bit firmer, and has a distinct flavor...I am not sure how to describe it. But it goes with everything!

Normally, I don't cook or make anything that takes more than 3 minutes of preparation time (ie, I usually spoon the tuna out of a can onto toasted bread, cereal with milk, PB and J, sometimes pasta if I'm really inspired).

But this goat cheese has been taking me to new places! I somehow followed a recipe I found online and made a tomato and goat cheese quiche! It was really easy, and turned out really well. Right now, I just made some sort of cucumber and goat cheese salad. Also excellent.