Monday, December 17, 2007

Birthday memories

Out at a pub in Beer Sheva, Manga, for my bday. Cailin, me and Oded.

Oded enlarged a photo he took on Maui for me. Hanging on my wall.

My roomates filled my room with balloons!

Oded and I on the way to Sinai to celebrate my bday--in a taxi from the Israeli-Egyptian border.

The view from our bungalow: Two Bedouins on camels.

Another view from our bungalow: Sunrise.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What's new in the Negev.

What's been going on lately?

I am sick. Second time in 1 month--everyone around me is sick too! Hanukkah started last night; I lit candles with the family that I work with, where I teach English, and had an excellent sufganya (jelly donut). My birthday is approaching--one week away! I can't believe I'll be 26. I turned in my first paper as a graduate student today! It was on defining a few different concepts (nationalism, ethnicity, homeland, and diaspora) for my Israel-Palestine class.

Aaron's girlfriend made latkes for Hankkah. She is Japanese, and not Jewish, but likes to know about Jewish stuff. Aaron, on the other hand, avoids getting involved with Jewish stuff. You can't blame him though, all he's been exposed to is Hillel at USC and crazy Jews on Maui. Hopefully he'll come to Israel soon and see what it's really like--and not get scared off!

Check out this great pic!