Friday, September 28, 2007

Welcome to Israel.

I am here! Oded's mom, Tali, put this up on their front door for me. Very sweet of her.

I've been getting all sorts of welcomes. From "why did you come?" to "mazal tov" to "do you want to do this in english?"

I am not sure what to think. Still getting over jet lag. Still getting used to people standing one inch away from me. Still getting used to hearing Hebrew all around me.

This is what I came for. The challenge. The meaningful life. The israeli air and people.

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rootlesscosmo said...

brace yourself for the whole "you're-a-friar-for-leaving-the-US-you-should-have-stayed-there's-no-money-to-be-made-here-blag-blah-blah..." you will no doubt get that a lot. I know we used to get it all the time when we would come over on volunteer trips, like "WTF why would you ever do anything for free?!?"

ignore that shit. you tend to get less of it in certain circles/locations, e.g. Jerusalemites are used to olim, and religious folks in general tend to appreciate the aliyah concept more also.

just surround yourself with good people that have a similar connection to the land, be they Israeli-born or olim, and you'll be fine!

you did the right thing.