Sunday, November 1, 2009

I just happened to look up at a bookshelf at cabot science library last week, and saw a book called "imagined worlds," by Freeman Dyson, and for some reason it caught my eye. and i actually checked it out!

in the introduction, this strikes me as fascinating: "Two voices speak for the future, the voice of science and the voice of religion. Science and religion are two great human enterprises that endure through centuries and link us with our descendants...I do not claim that the voice of science speaks with unique authority. Religion has at least an equal claim to authority in defining human destiny. Religion lies closer to the heart of human nature and has a wider currency than science. Like the human nature it reflects, religion is often cruel and perverted. When science achieved the power of religion, science often became cruel and perverted, too." (page 7)

And here are some nice Fall photos--I'm a bit late and lots of leaves have already fallen off the trees!

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