Sunday, June 28, 2009

Offense to our ears

"Revenge by Being Louder"

I thought this article was going to be about people (mostly teenagers) playing music in public places, on their cell phones, and other devices.

It turns out it's about "iPod leak...headphone leak. You know, that treble-drenched drone emanating from iPods halfway down the subway car."

While this is bothersome in Manhattan, this writer has NO IDEA what luxury he has there, compared to the far more irritating situation on intra-city buses here in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and even the looong ride from Eilat to center Israel (3+ hours).

Kids here simply put their music on and play it loudly for all to hear through their cellphone speakers, no headphones, nothing! They dont even try to keep it quiet. And it's often horribly irritating music...rap or something else discordant.

And of course, unlike the writer of the NY Times article, I am not shy to say something, as this is clearly rude and bothers many. Usually the offender looks at me, turns it down a bit, but continues to listen to his music outloud, for all to hear.

If this was the Manhattan subway, this offender would get more than mean, dissapproving stares.

But it's not the Manhattan subway, and for some reason, many people tolerate this horribly rude, irritating offense to our ears.


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