Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hebron Evacuation

This past Thursday, the Israeli Army and Police evacuated Jewish settlers from Hebron, in the West Bank. It was all over the Israeli media--tv, print, and more. It was an extremely tense time (albeit quick), and resulted in settlers rioting, setting olive trees on fire, and vandalism. From my sense, many Israelis (who live within internationally recognized borders) were embarrassed and ashamed at the behavior of other Jews in Hebron.

A settler even shot 2 Palestinians. B'Tselem (where I work) field workers, captured this on.
It can be downloaded:

Hopefully from all this, something peaceful will come. This photo, which is beautiful and seems hopeful, is from a NY Times article, "From an Israeli Settlement, a Rabbi’s Unorthodox Plan for Peace"

Here is an interesting article, presenting some alternative thoughts on what's going on in Hebron.
"Hebron like you've never imagined it"

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