Monday, September 22, 2008

Dubai and Israel

Just reading this article today in the NY Times, "Young and Arab in Land of Mosques and Bars."

One Dubai-resident, originally from Jordan, describes the ambiance:

"In this way, Dubai offers another prescription for promoting moderation. It offers a chance to lead a modern life in an Arab Islamic country. Mr. Abu Zanad raised his beer high, almost in a toast, and said he liked being able to walk through a mall and still hear the call to prayer.

“We like that it’s free and it still has Arab heritage,” he said “It’s not religion, it’s the culture, the Middle Eastern culture.”

This description sounds oddly familiar--it sounds like things many young Jews have said about Israel, including myself! Part of the reason I like living in Israel is what I'll call the "Jewish backdrop." Hebrew is spoken, holidays are celebrated, human rights are advocated for based on Jewish values. In Jerusalem (my new city), it's a bit more difficult to live the secular, "Jewish backdrop" lifestyle, but I am finding my way.

This picture is in the article, and I made it my computer's desktop. I love the colors.

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