Sunday, April 6, 2008


7:26 am on Sunday morning. The week starts. again. But I say again in a way that I'm looking forward to it! A few thoughts to share.

The second semester is about a third of the way through. 2 more months. And that's it! Wow.

I have a midterm in Arabic tomorrow. Lots of vocabulary and grammar. But it's fun. I like learning new languages.

Oded was here in Beer Sheva last week. We had fun together. After my bike got stolen (boo), we went and got a new one together, went food shopping, sat in a cafe. It felt like a normal life.

A friend from Otzma is visiting here for the weekend. We went on a bike ride yesterday up to the Negev Brigade Memorial. Here's a picture that he took from the interesting and beautiful sculpture.

On Thursday, my Conflict Resolution Class goes to Jerusalem to the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, to meet with someone from the Israeli Negotiation Team, and some others. Should be really fascinating. And a chance to see how this conflict is playing out immediately, on a higher level.

This same friend and I are also considering going to Bethlehem and Ramallah during my Passover Break. We would go for one day to each city. Only a week and a half more of class til break. I am looking forward to it!

The new living situation (since Mar 1) is great. It's so much better. The weather is usually sunny and I love sitting outside on our porch, on the couch. My room-mate also somehow got a sheep, who is supposed to be trimming the overgrown weeds. She's a funny sheep, she scratches her nose on the side of the house, and often wildly gallops around the yard. Occasionally eating grass too. Here's a picture of the porch with the sheep in the background.


Tristan said...

you have a sheep now!?!?!?

Tonightmrkite said...

When I was little, I owned a rabbit named "sheep". It was white with black fur on its face and paws. It looked like a sheep. The rabbit named sheep.

Anonymous said...

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