Monday, March 3, 2008


I was on a tour in the West Bank city of Hebron, last Friday. Shovrim Shtika (Breaking the Silence) guided the tour. Hebron is a very complicated place. I can't even begin to explain in this blog posting. For a detailed article and history, read this Ha'aretz piece. Here are a few pictures, with a brief explanation. I am well aware that these photos and what I saw only reveal a small part of what is going on there. To really understand, or to start to at least, one must go to the city.

A sign displayed for visitors. Also appears in Hebrew.

Jewish graffiti: נקמה, revenge. A lot is covered up because it was bad for the Jewish settlers' PR.

The few Palestinian families who still live in the IDF-controlled area caged themselves in. Their front doors are bolted shut, by the IDF. They are only allowed out their roof or their back door.

The tomb of Abraham, in the Tomb of Patriarchs, a holy site.

A beautiful almond tree, amidst all the difficult, horrible, confusing things going on.

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