Monday, February 4, 2008

Sore Elbows

Classes ends about 2 weeks ago. We have 6 weeks off until the Spring semester starts, and during this break we must write our term papers. I have to write three 15+ page papers. So far, I've gotten 2 more or less done. I am working on the third one now. I have only had a few moments of panic, and I still have another 8 days to finish this last one. The topics include:

-the situation of foreign workers' children in Israel, who identify as Israeli, but are not considered "real Israelis"
-Mizrachi music and its role as producing counter-hegemonic resistance to the Ashkenazi hegemony; examinzation of Tipex and Zohar Argov (2 Israeli Mizrachi musicians/groups)
-(this one I'm still working on): the ways that Istanbul's urban fabric changed post-Tanzimat (1839) in an attempt to westernize; close examination of "westernization" in the Ottoman empire.

What's the point here? My elbows are killing me! I spend so much time at my computer reading and typing, resting on my elbows, that they really hurt! I'd never thought this would happen...but it's pretty serious.

Here's a picture of an elbow to enjoy.

I try sitting in different ways, resting on my hands, not putting my arms on the desk when I'm just reading, anything!

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rootlesscosmo said...

nice elbow.