Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Subways in New York City

It's amazing and it's horrible. I will miss the new york city subways. But I will also be SO glad to not ride in them again for a long time.

This morning is an example of why the subway system can be a total nightmare. This morning, between 6 and 7 am, it was reported there were 17 inches of rain that fell in Central Park. And there were tornado warnings!

I woke up late this morning, and (little did I know luckily!) was late to the subway station. When I walked down into the Prince St NRQW line, the station was FULL. Usually this is a good sign, and means a train will arrive momentarily. However, this morning, it was because people had been waiting 30+ minutes. During rush hour, you never wait more than 3-4 minutes. Maybe 7 on a bad day.

But today was different. The subway system cannot handle when there is extreme weather. Yes I know that the subway system is over 100 years old, and normally it runs smoothly, blah blah.

So back to the Prince St station. People are dripping sweat. Backs of shirts and soaking, sweat is beading on noses, everyone is fanning madly. We have been told that the trains ARE running. Just delayed.

I all of a sudden had a brilliant thought--I will take a different train that doesn't get as close to my office, but close enough. I ask the attendant through those ridiculous bullet proof window-microphone system where no one hears anything. He kindly informs me that no 6 train is running at all.

Basically, the whole subway system has practically shut down because of flooding. And there is a heat advisory today, temperatures reaching into the high 90s, high humidity, and the subways are not running as they should.

New York is amazing!

Although I may sound negative about this morning's commute, I love the subway too. Sometime's it's a refreshing experience. You walk through the turnstile, the train immediately arrives, it's air conditioned and not crowded. You speedily arrive at your destination, which can be anywhere--the Bronx Zoo (in the Bronx, off the 123 line) or Coney Island (at the end of Brooklyn, off the F line).

I guess I will miss it.


Aaron said...

Pic's gone

Tonightmrkite said...

Does this remind you of me sweating at really inappropriate times?